Sue Barlow

There’s a distinct energy, a kind of palpable magic, which comes from someone who is grounded and naturally full of gratitude. Sue Barlow overflows with that magic. Caring as much for others as she does for herself, Sue imparts her wisdom in a gentle, caring way that settles in the spaces around her students as they breathe and ‘be’.

“Clients often come to yoga thinking they won’t be ‘good enough’;
I reassure them that ‘if you can breathe, you can do yoga’.”

When we follow our flow in life we find ourselves exactly where we’re supposed to be, doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing, sharing it with exactly who we’re supposed to be sharing it with. Sue has followed her flow. Working as a district nurse in her local community for many years while raising her children and helping run the family farm near Rushworth in country Victoria, Sue felt inspired to work in a way that would enhance people’s wellbeing rather than working with people once they were already unwell. A love of yoga and an inability to access classes easily in her rural area, led Sue to undertake a yoga teaching course. “Initially I thought that the training would further develop and sustain my own practice at home without really considering being a teacher.” With Sue’s passion for yoga and love of reading (yes, about yoga) it’s no surprise that she created Mud Hut Yoga Studio and began teaching in 2010. Always welcoming you with a smile, Sue‘s passion for yoga is contagious.

“Yoga is an essential part of my life and being able to share it with others is a great privilege and joy.”

Gifted with abundant optimism and a love of connecting with people, Sue understands that living life to the fullest comes naturally when we nurture ourselves, take time to connect with ourselves and surround ourselves with those we love.

“I love the way people arrive at class smiling and excited about being at yoga – you can see the stress of everyday life
melting away! When they leave they look even more happy and relaxed but also rejuvenated and full of life.
I love being part of that process!”

With a location under 2 hours’ drive from Melbourne and less than 1 hour from Bendigo, Echuca and Shepparton, it’s no surprise that students come from far and wide to be a part of the Mud Hut community – a tiny treasure in the countryside. The connection with the community, Sue’s experience and attention to each individual student’s needs, make Mud Hut Yoga Studio a place for true tranquillity and transformation.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about yoga, deepen your practice or experience India for yourself, travelling with Sue Barlow on her Sacred Earth tour in Northern India will be an enriching life experience.

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