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There are those who travel to India once and those who will travel there for the rest of their lives; for better or worse, I am the latter. India first touched my soul 21 years ago and having travelled the length and breadth of her, she has stayed in my heart ever since. There is nowhere on the planet that can do for you exactly what India does and certainly not in the way she does it.

In a land of paradox, the constant chaos and noise of Mother India somehow soothes me and makes me more present to life. Amidst the craziness of everyday reality lies a deep sense of devotion, ingenuity, simplicity and the quest for inner peace. What I admire most is that she cannot be controlled; she is perfectly imperfect and constantly recreating herself and evolving.

The strength of cultural and family values coupled with friendship, wisdom and the warmth of its people, constantly draws me back. Perhaps I like to think she represents these aspects in me.

India is a place for exploration of outer and inner worlds, a place for excitement and reflection; colour and calm; vibrancy and tradition. My passion is to assist you to experience India’s uniqueness for yourself; experience her richness and diversity whilst feeling safe and supported on the ground. I also work with conscious leaders in yoga and the arts, wellbeing advocates, spiritual and special interest groups to provide extraordinary experiences for inner and outer exploration.

I own a travel agency Divinity Travel and have a passion for travel, business, personal development and supporting people to flourish. This coupled with my extensive network of colleagues of the ground and my own depth of travel experience in India, allows me to provide you with the support and guidance required to ensure we develop a truly unique travel experience for you.

I welcome you to join me for a memorable experience of a lifetime in Mother India.

– Namaste –

Lovleen Sagar

Senior Vice President Distant Frontiers India


General Manager Essence of India Tours India

Swami Swaminathan

Managing Director Dravidian Trails

Dharmendra DK

Vice President DMC Wildlife Specialist

Sumi Atapattu

Executive Director Saffron Island Sri Lanka

Paula Kent

Operations & Planning Manager Essence of India Tours Australia

Our Indian Team on the Ground

The one thing in common with our International Teams on the ground is the commitment to providing dedicated customer service and ensuring your safety and comfort on the ground.

A highly experienced team with a passion for creating personalised travel options for individuals or small group travel is at the heart of a great travel experience in India.

Distant Frontiers SITA

Is a Premier Travel Group headquartered in New Delhi and in conjunction with Essence of India Tours we create, design and coordinate “out of the box” solutions to tailor-make remarkable travel experiences which are innovative and transformative, with a focus on sustainability.

As an integrated travel group, we offer the complete range of services associated with travel in the Indian Sub-continent. We are committed to providing high level quality services, with immaculately planned trips that reflect our years of hands-on experience and in-depth product knowledge. ‘’Knowledge is based on experience, everything else is just information’’

Distant Frontiers SITA is one of the largest travel companies in India, with an extensive network of offices, networks and teams on the ground. Their biggest strength is ‘’ our people’’.

Dravidian Trails

Dravidian Trails Managing Direct Swami , is Customer Service personified! Full of character, you wouldn’t miss this man, even in a rush hour crowd.

Also, you’re unlikely to know (unless someone tells you) how he, along with a group of committed tour experts, changed the way thousands and thousands of  Europeans, Australians & other nationalities experience South India.

This commitment to provide the ultimate in travel experiences coupled with extensive experience in Senior Management positions in some of the largest travel companies in India, is one of the favourite reasons Essence of India Tours partners with such par excellence.

DMC Wildlife Specialist.

Dharmendra fondly known as DK is passionate about wildlife and conservation in India.

Highly experienced, DK specialises in bespoke holidays incorporating Tigers, Rhinos, birdlife and a myriad of other animals across the vast plains, national parks, mountains and waterways throughout the length and breadth of India.

The common thread with our team….putting customers first, providing a unique travel experiences and being our customers wellbeing on the ground.

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