Lisa Allwell

Lisa is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher from Melbourne. Her retreats and tours focus on cultivating wellbeing and mindfulness.  Lisa has a strong following of students who are drawn to her creative, nurturing teaching style. She’s a skilled communicator, and likes to weave elements of practical philosophy into her teaching.

A health professional by training, Lisa has worked in senior program management roles in the public health arena and university sector in cancer, mental health and chronic disease. She is skilled at working with students with health issues and she is passionate about the role of yoga and meditation to facilitate wellness, and as an adjunct to treatment.

Her students come from all walks of life; Some are elite athletes who want to use yoga to improve focus and performance, others have illness and disability and are using yoga to enhance their recovery. The rest is everybody else; fit and unfit, old and not-so-old. You’ll participate in a lighthearted contemporary yoga practice to balance mind, body and spirit. Life is often serious and perplexing, so Lisa’s aim is to encourage you to leave behind your ‘to do’ list, your issues and challenges as you breathe and move. Oh, and she likes to have fun too.

Lisa is experienced at working with both beginners who are looking to be nurtured…she wants them to fall in love with yoga at first stretch. For those with an existing practice, expect to be find challenges that are appropriate to you. Lisa has a passion for using principals of anatomical alignment to help you find physical practice that works perfectly for you.

Her favourite yoga pose is the smile, and she tries try to encourage her students to strive for lightness, vitality and balance, both on and off the yoga mat. Lisa sincerely try to meet each student at where they are at in their yoga, helping them to get the most from each pose, each practice, each breath. It’s Lisa’s clear intention that you leave each class feeling energised, peaceful and fabulous.

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